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Inspiration & Advice

11 Easy DIY Garden Projects
to Dig Into this Weekend

Are your garden spaces in need of a little love or upgrade? Do you enjoy getting on the tools and getting your hands dirty?

Jack’s here to inspire you with some easy DIY garden projects that can be done over a weekend. They’ll make your backyard the envy of the neighbourhood!

Whether you’re a green thumb, a building buff, or just looking for some fun projects to tackle, we’ve got something for you—from vertical gardens to zen water fountains, gabion bench seats, and new guttering.

So, grab what you need, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started on transforming your outdoor spaces. Jack makes any backyard project easy.

Gardening – For the green thumbs

Got a passion for plants? Love lush greenery and colourful flowers? Keen to bring more of nature’s magic into your outdoor spaces? If the answer is yes, our gardening projects are the perfect pick.

vertical garden balcony what you'll need

1. Create a vibrant vertical garden

If you’re working with a small space or have bare walls that need a glow-up (or grow-up!), why not create your very own vertical container gardens? If they’re good enough for designers, they’ll look great in your outdoor space.

Grow vibrant flowers, cute succulents, or plant a herb garden. The choice is yours. All you need is your imagination and products from our Jack Garden Up® Mix’n’Match range.

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jack custom trellis designed built specifically

2. Build a garden trellis for climbing plants

Not only do stakes and trellis help your plants grow healthy and strong, but they also keep your backyard neat and tidy. Rather than buying a pre-made frame, building one is a fun backyard project you can try this weekend.

With just black posts, garden wire and cloth plant ties, you can construct an easy frame that your climbing plants and vegies will love clinging to.

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3. Create a beautiful balcony garden

If you’re short on space and a balcony is the only place you can love your outdoors, we’ve got a great DIY garden project for you using Jack products.

Your balcony rails are the perfect place to add some greenery. Our Garden Up® Rail Planters simply hook into place. They also come in various sizes, so you can mix and match your DIY planters or streamline your style.

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zen water fountain garden

4. Create a simple zen water fountain

If you’re looking for a little zen in your life (who isn’t!), a simple water feature can turn your backyard into a calming sanctuary. Just close your eyes and imagine the gentle trickle.

Creating a fountain might sound tricky, but Jack makes it easy. All you need is a pot and stand, some landscaping rocks, clear tubing, and a fountain pump. Plus your plants, of course. Try tropical succulents and orchids.

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Building – For the DIY’ers

Love to get on the tools? Enjoy that sense of accomplishment that comes with building something yourself? Why not try your hand at these great DIY backyard projects? They’re easier than you think with Jack by your side.

DIY Garden Project Gabion bench seating

5. Build a gabion garden bench seat

If you love chilling outdoors and having friends over, gabion benches are a great way to create seats for bums. Not only are they easy to build, but the combination of galvanised steel and natural pebbles gives a stylish modern-industrial look.

Building your seats is as easy as buying some Jack garden gabions, digging and edging a hole to sit them in, and filling them with the pebbles, bricks or rocks of your choice. Are you ready to get your gabi-on?

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Jack Screen Up DIY assemble wood privacy screen

6. Build a timber privacy screen

Whether you want to hide your bins, block out neighbours, or create shade, garden screens are a great idea. And they’re not as hard as they look. When you build one with Jack, you can have one up in an afternoon!

Simply buy your Jack Screen Up® products, choose a timber that matches your aesthetic then grab your drill, screwdriver, saw and other DIY tools. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be a privacy screen pro!

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jack garden retain-it raised garden bed clean up

7. Erect a raised garden flower bed

Raised garden beds are great for growing small plots of flowers, herbs and vegies. Not only do they look great, but they also offer improved drainage and easier access, putting your plants within easy reach.

Our Retain-iT® Classic systems make the building process easy. Once you’ve planned your layout, you just need to level the site, concrete in the posts and then slip in your timbers.

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8. Build a garden path and boundary

Adding a garden path to your front or backyard is a great upgrade. A path prevents damage to grass and plants and can help you define different areas or draw your eye to a focal point.

All you need for this fun DIY garden project is Oxy-Shield® edging strips, landscaping chips and diamond interlocking panels. Want to get on the big tools? Hire a compactor to smooth the surface.

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9. Build a fire pit

When the cooler weather sets in, there’s nothing better than huddling around a fire pit with friends and family, toasting marshmallows and watching the flames flicker. So why not create the perfect space to do it?

Using a range of Jack products, including Reo Mesh Sheets and Bar Chairs, plus a shovel, concrete and other common tools, you can build a solid circular fire pit base that will become your winter gathering space.

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Maintenance – For the fixers

Sometimes, upgrading your outdoors is more about fixing and maintaining rather than planting and building. Here are two more backyard projects that can be done over a weekend that probably need doing sooner rather than later.

jack best gutter guards mesh roll gutter guards

10. Protect your gutters

Adding gutter guards to your eaves is a great DIY project if you haven’t got them already. Not only can gutters become blocked with leaves, weeds, and general muck and sludge, but when they’re full, they’re a bushfire season fire risk.

We have a range of Jack gutter guard products to choose from, including aluminium strips, StayMesh®, gutter bristles and foam. Make sure you pick one that matches the level of fire protection you need.

View how-to guide

Jack clothesline DIY project restring

11. Restring your clothesline

After years of hanging heavy and wet clothes, is your line beginning to look worse for wear? Replacing the string is a great way to spruce up this practical garden item and ensure it doesn’t snap.

Choose our Poly Core Clothesline or our Wire Core Clothesline, grab your tools, then simply snip off the old and run in the new. Your folding or retractable line will look fresh as a daisy and be washing day-ready!

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Wow, what a great backyard!

We hope these fun DIY gardening projects have inspired you to get outdoors this weekend. Creating a beautiful, functional garden is easy with Jack.

Once you’ve decided which DIY garden projects you want to give a go, head to your nearest Jack supplier or hardware retailer to pick up your products. Don’t forget to refer to the how-to guides as you go.

Proud of your backyard DIY projects? Why not share them on socials and tag @meetdiyjack?