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Inspiration & Advice

Create a simple Zen water fountain with landscaping rocks

Create a Zen fountain with landscaping rocks

We all need some zen in our life, whether it’s to escape the daily grind after a hard days work, or space away from the kids, but we don’t always have time to pop over to the spa for some breathing space.  The good thing is, we can create a relaxing space for ourselves at home, whether it’s a little decorative piece for your deck or balcony or a beautiful serene statement piece for the backyard.  Jack will show you how!

Let’s create your very own mini backyard retreat with a Zen fountain using Jack landscaping rocks, that’ll have you putting your feet up and saying “Namaste” every day.

What you'll need

Before you get started, there are a few products we recommend and other tools you’ll need.

Suggested Jack products

31025 Bright White Pebbles 35-50mm 15kg
Landscaping Rocks View Product
18501 Steel Wire Trivet Small 20cm
Garden Up® Trivet Pot Stands View Product

Additional materials needed for this project:

  • Fountain pump
  • Clear tubing
  • Medium - Large sized pot
  • Plants or decoration of your choice
  • Safety gloves

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Position the fountain pump

    Choose the right fountain pump for your pot size. Make sure you follow the instructions of the fountain pump before plugging in and turning on.
  2. Cut clear tube and connect to fountain pump

    Cut the clear tube, so the water flows at the height you want.
  3. Time to fill the pot

    Add decorative features

  4. Fill the pot with water

    Make sure the water fills above the fountain pump
  5. Find the perfect place for ultimate Zen

    A garden pot stand will help protect surfaces from the pot

    Enjoy your calm and tranquil corner.  How’s the serenity?