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Architect your outdoor (and indoor) spaces with Matrix. These on-trend moulded products, including screens, wall art, edging and flooring, are made from recycled materials. They’re also durable, weather-resistant and super easy to install and maintain. Choose from 40+ standout designs and a select palette of colours. Whether you want to zhoosh up your spaces or add stylish function, Matrix makes it!

Matrix Recycled

Who says plastic products can’t be planet-friendly?

Our Matrix hero charcoal range is made from 100% recycled materials sourced from kerbside and industrial waste. This includes yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, discarded packaging, billboards and coat hangers!


Matrix Screens

Give your outdoor spaces a designer edge! Matrix décor screens are big, bold and beautiful. Simply pick a pattern to fit your theme, from tropical to coastal to country. Use them to divide spaces, add privacy or hide those ugly bins!

Matrix Screens
Matrix Decor Screen Jungle BBQ

Matrix Wall Art

Set off your surroundings with some stylish and easy-to-install moulded wall art. Perfect in small spaces like balconies, around patios and decks, and even indoors, these artistic showpieces are available in up to 10 different designs.

Matrix Wall Art

Matrix Fence Extensions

Do your boundaries look bland? Matrix fence extensions not only add a bold architectural look (and are great for climbers!), but they also help block nosey neighbours and deter would-be burglars. Available in six stylish designs!

Matrix Fence Extensions

Matrix Edging

Define your borders, contain mulch and add the finishing touch to your garden masterpiece with Matrix Edging. Pick patterned panels for a designer look, or opt for a faux wood roll that blends perfectly into nature’s colour palette.

Matrix Garden Edging

Matrix Lattice

The timeless crisscross of Matrix Lattice screens looks great in any outdoor space, adding texture and interest without being too in your face. Easily install them around your patios or pergola. You can even adorn them with climbing flowers!

Matrix Lattice Range
ShedTred (Inside Shed)

Matrix Ground Panels - Home Maintenance

Give your outbuildings a flooring upgrade! Matrix Ground Panels are budget-friendly, non-slip and snap together, making installation a breeze. Whether you’re storing tools or tinkering on projects, this ‘shed tred’ keeps things comfy, tidy and dry.

Matrix Ground Panel

Matrix Ground Panels - Building and construction

Use them on-site or install them on a project. Matrix Ground Panels are a functional, versatile flooring choice. Their open ribbed design allows for quick drainage and helps remove mud or sand from shows. The grip even improves when wet!

Matrix Ground Panel