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We’ve been supplying fencing, landscaping and garden décor products for over 50 years. But now we’ve got a new name and a fresh brand look and feel to bring our business bang up to date!

From wire roots to reimagining outdoors

Our story began back in good old 1972 when Jack White began re-winding and reselling tie wires. Whites soon earned its reputation as The Wire Specialists, creating protective and decorative fencing for domestic, commercial and rural properties down under.

We grew our locally-designed solutions in line with what the market wanted to include landscaping design, plant training, and gardening products, becoming Whites Thinking Outside. Now, in 2022, we’ve reimagined our brand and name and branched out!

As well as producing quality, locally-grown products, we’ve become your garden DIY bestie. Whatever you want to do in your outdoor space, we’re here with inspo, advice and handy tips to help you get it done and make your garden beautiful, functional and fruitful!

It’s time to love your outdoors!

Who was Jack?

While Jack White was the original founder of Whites Wires, the true Jack came a little later. Popularly known as Jack, John Kelly built the family business over 50 years with his sons to create the Whites Group we all know and love today.

See how our story has evolved over time


“When we first started back in the 70s, we never thought that this was going to happen, it’s a real family success story, and we couldn’t have done it without the boys.”

— John Kelly



    Jack White invested in a tie wire business based out of St Peters, Sydney, to form Whites Wires


    John Kelly and John Everett took over the operation and moved to new premises in Granville, Sydney, with a team of four.

    “The market was changing at that time, buying groups were coming forward, and I knew I could make my mark in the distribution of fencing products…the time was right.”
    - John Kelly



    Business flourished and soon Whites Wires outgrew its premises, needing to move to a new site in Silverwater, NSW to keep up with national demand.


    John Kelly ventured overseas to scope further opportunities.



    Continued growth saw the business extend its operation off-shore producing bird netting and reinforced wire belt packs and later into other key product lines as well.


    Its WA and SA branches opened to meet local market needs.



    Whites continued to blossom and so with it the Whites team. From a humble four in the '70s to its 100th employee.


    Whites Wires rebranded to Whites Group to reflect its expanding category credentials too.



    The Stockpost range launched, and become White’s biggest selling product range – hot dip!


    Whites Group were inducted into The Family Business Australia Hall of Fame.


    The Murray- Albury Australian manufacturing plant opened, focusing on Australian made fencing and gates. Made by locals for locals.

    Design Flow Decorative Polymer Specialist were added to the Whites’ portfolio, further expanding its business opportunities.



    Jack, the consumer arm of the business, launched to inspire AU and NZ customers to love their outdoors!

    “When we first started back in the 70s, we never thought that this was going to happen, it’s a real family success story, and we couldn’t have done it without the boys.”
    — John Kelly


We have love for our rural community too!

We also pride ourselves on responding to the needs of Australian farmers and fencing contractors for over 50 years too. Continuously developing better fencing ideas proven to work on the farm, we have pioneered a number of original ideas like the Ute Pack designed to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Our Murray brand launched in 2021 is the new name in Australian Made gates and wire fencing.

Whites Rural portfolio offer farms market leading ranges such as Stockpost & StockBoss ranges

The market has learnt to Expect More from Whites for products and service built around down-to-earth Australian family values.