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Inspiration & Advice

How to build a garden trellis to support climbing plants

How to build a garden trellis to support climbing plants

Your garden will thrive and flourish, when you give your plants some love.

Staking and trellising are the backbone of your garden, keeping everything in line and looking sharp.  When your plants have a solid structure to climb on, they’ll grow strong and proud, soaking up all that sweet sunshine and fresh air.  When your veggies are happy, you’ll be happy too.

Let Jack show you how to get your garden in tip-top shape.

We’re using Yard & Garden tie wire and Ultrapost fence posts, perfect for the Eggplant that we’re growing.

What you'll need

You’ll need a few things to get going. Make sure you get all the right equipment to set things up right.

Suggested Jack products

Ultrapost Black Bituminous 45cm
Ultrapost Black Bituminous Dipped View Product
50105 Tie Wire Gal 1.57mm-640m
Yard & Garden Tie Wire View Product
18741 Soft Cloth Tie 25m
Traditional Cloth Plant Tie View Product
12208 lil Driver
Lil’ Driver View Product
12005 Fencers Tool
Fencing Pliers & Tools View Product
12322 Post cap Yellow 60mm pk40
Post Caps View Product

Additional tools & materials

Optional : Handyman strainer (for tensioning)

  • Fencer's Tool
  • Wire Cutter
  • PPE (Safety gloves and glasses)

Which is the right Jack tie wire?

Our colour coded tie wire labels make choosing your wire easy.

Check out the details below for the different thickness options and what they’re best suited for.

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Get planting

  2. Drive posts into the ground

    Pop those gloves and glasses on. Safety first!
    Lil’ Driver makes it easy to drive down - bit of pressure’s needed here.
  3. Pick the right wire for your plant

    We’re using Yard & Garden tie wire – great for growing climbers.

  4. Measure and cut to size

    Measure length of garden bed.

    Leave extra length to allow for tie-off at both ends

    Unravel wire and cut.

  5. Time to attach

    Thread wire through Ultrapost.

    Ultraposts have pre-drilled holes for mounting wire.

    Wrap around post, secure and tension by twisting with Fencer’s Tool. Repeat on the other end.

    Make sure it’s tight.

    Repeat steps from bottom to top of post.


    Place yellow Post Caps on top for safety.

  6. Tie to wire

    Cloth Tie is soft and gentle on plants.

    All done! Ready for a happy, healthy, growing plant!