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Inspiration & Advice

Hack your Outdoors: Blooming Brilliant Garden Design Ideas

You don’t need to be a garden designer to give garden design a go.

Whether you want to create a beautiful cottage garden, zen sanctuary or sleek contemporary space or are looking to make your outdoor areas more practical and functional (or both!), Jack’s got your back.

We’ve got heaps of awesome DIY garden design ideas using our Jack products that will transform your outdoors and put your green thumb to work. Just make sure you start your project earlier or later in the day to avoid the summer heat!

31040 Pebble Mix

Planning makes perfect

Before you get started on your garden design, it’s a good idea to do some plotting and planning first. Here are some key things to consider:

18465 Oxy-Shield Leaf Screen - Tim Lash Brook Photography

What size is your space?

First, think about the size of your space. Whether it’s a large or small garden or just a deck or a balcony, this will dictate what you can do. Plus, if you’re a renter, check in with your landlord before you get too carried away.

What are the conditions?

Next, consider sunlight (is your garden full sun, partial sun or shade?), soil type, drainage, wind patterns and microclimates. This will help you pick the best plants and tell you whether you need to add fertilisers, sun shades or screens.

Will you look after it?

Maintenance is another biggie. While you may have certain plants and garden design ideas in mind, will they need a lot of ongoing love? Be realistic about what you can do every week. Good intentions don’t keep your garden growing!

Designing your garden with Jack

The possibilities for garden design are endless. Just take a look at our Pinterest! So, to make it easy, we’ve focused on four great ways to transform your outdoor space using Jack products. Use them all, or take your pick of one of two. It’s up to you!

jack vertical garden products garden up freestanding

Vertical gardens—Take your design skywards

Vertical gardens, also called green or living walls, are great in garden design.

They work in outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, adding a lush, vibrant backdrop. You’ve probably seen them on programs like Home & Garden and The Block—garden designers love them, and so do we!

They’re perfect for small areas, such as decks and balconies, as they give you more space by going vertical. They can also create additional privacy screening to hide ugly views or block nosey neighbours!

Our Jack Garden Up® range is super adaptable, with plenty of options for any space or garden design idea.

Mix ‘n’ Match comes with a wall-mounted grid and includes a selection of planter pots of different sizes that you can hook on. Meanwhile, our Wall Mount Planters screw straight onto your brick walls and have a smart, stackable modular design.

If you’re designing a deck or balcony, go for our Garden Up Rail Mount. Simply pick your pots and hang them over your railings with the custom cradle.

As a bonus, all our Garden Up products are BPA-free and water-smart, with an integrated saucer to prevent over-watering and conserve excess water.

Raised gardens—Get your garden off the ground

Raised gardens can really up your garden design game.

If you have a large space, they look sweet when grouped together. You can try all sorts of patterns with pathways in between. A square four-bed design is always a winner and provides lots of room for your plants, flowers or vegies to thrive.

If you only have a few metres to play, go for a small single-raised bed. Once filled with blooms, it will really brighten things up.

Generally, raised beds offer better drainage and soil quality and keep pesky pests away. They’re also ideal if you struggle to bend or kneel.

Our DIY-friendly Retain-IT range is the perfect way to build your beds.
Choose from our Retain-IT steel posts (joiner, corner and ends), which come in different sizes. Simply insert the posts into the ground, then drop in some beautiful timber sleepers.

Alternatively, try our RetainIT Stakes. After hammering them in, you just need to screw-fix or nail your timber into place.

The rustic look of the timber combined with the metal posts or stakes works with any aesthetic, from country to modern industrial.

Rustic gardens—Screens, edging and more

Oxidised steel has been on trend for years and can help give your garden, deck or balcony a designer edge. Its rich, earthy tones and rustic patina can be seen on many high-dollar builds. But, the good news is, the look doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Our Oxy-Shield® range is a budget and DIY-friendly way to get the look and can serve many practical functions.

Our architecturally-inspired, Decorative Panels are a great feature or focal point for your backyard, courtyard, pool areas or entertainment spaces. They’re also ideal for privacy and zoning.

For a stylish instant garden, try our Oxy-Shield Plant Rings, which come in different heights and sizes to add interest. Or opt for our Oxy-Shield-Planters. Pick from traditional rectangles, round or hanging. They work anywhere!

Like the neat look? Add Oxy Edging to create flowing curves or contemporary corners and angles around your garden beds or to keep your path pebbles in place.

18771 Olive Spiral Vegie Stake Lifestyle

Veggie gardens—Good looking and good tasting

Who doesn’t love home-grown goodies? From flowers and herbs to fruits and vegies, there’s nothing better than having fresh, natural ingredients to hand.

Not only can growing your own mean going organic, but you’re also saving money—a big yes in today’s economy! Plus, a vegetable garden is a great way to keep your green thumb busy.

On top of this, veggie gardens can add colour and flavour to your outdoor aesthetic. When grown alongside ornamental or flowering plants, they create both a visually appealing and productive space.

Try planting tomatoes, basil and marigolds or strawberries and chives together, or plot lettuce and edible flowers side by side. These combinations look delightful.

To create visually appealing vegie gardens that grow well, explore our Grip & Grow range of frames and panels, spirals and fans, trellis and cages. Choose a design that suits your plantlings and vibe. Spiral and fan planters are always a bit of fun!

Balcony garden_feature

Your dream garden (deck or balcony) awaits!

We hope these garden ideas have given you some inspiration for your outdoor space. Paul Bangay and Xanthe White, watch out!

Once you have a vision in mind, put it to paper and head to your nearest Jack supplier or hardware retailer to pick up your landscaping products.

Some final tips to keep your beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces looking sharp: don’t forget to keep your lawn tidy, trim your trees and bushes, and remove those unwanted weeds.

Got a JACK-inspired garden, deck or balcony that looks like the garden designers have been? Why not share it on socials and tag @meetdiyjack?