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5 Super Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas – DIY Jack Hacks

The sun is shining. Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey are on the radio. Mangoes and cherries are our fruits of choice. This can only mean one thing: Christmas and the summer break are around the corner. Are your bells jingling?

If you’re not yet fully prepared for the festivities and love to get your craft on, Jack’s got your back with some fun and super easy DIY Christmas decorations and ideas using our products to give your celebrations a unique, garden-inspired edge.

From native wreaths to hanging plant ornaments, it’s time to have yourself a very jolly Jackified Christmas. Ready to get festive and creative?

christmas wreath_front door

Native DIY Christmas Wreath

What’s Christmas without a wreath on the front door? It’s a great way to welcome guests and add holiday cheer to your outdoors.

Rather than buying an artificial one or splashing out on something fancy from a florist, it’s easy to make your very own DIY Christmas wreath with a few simple items: a Pot Stand, Jute Twine, Jute Webbing, and a generous sprinkle of garden goodness.

Start by raiding your garden for materials. Look for flexible, vine-like branches such as grapevines, wisteria, honeysuckle or jasmine. These natural beauties will serve as the framework for your wreath.

Also, gather a mix of colours and textures to add depth and variety to your creation. We love indigenous varieties, such as banksias, hills daisy, silver dollar (blue) gum and gum nuts from Corymbia ficifolia.

Next, grab your circular pot stand and begin winding your vines around until the stand is completely covered. Then add the decorative flowers. Use twine to keep everything in place. Finally, make some pretty bows with the webbing and add them to your creation.

And voila! You’ve created a Christmas wreath that’s both unique and eco-friendly.

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Tinsel DIY Christmas tree

The tree is what it’s all about at Christmas. But why stick to just one?

Using Jack Cone Trainers or Tomato Cages, some tinsel and a little creative vision, you can create mini outdoor Christmas trees to sit on your patio, balcony, deck, or inside. They look delightful and are budget-friendly.

First, grab a cone plant trainer and tinsel. Our cone trainers are perfect for creating a Christmas tree because of their triangular shape.

Now, simply wind your tinsel around the trainer until it’s fully covered. We recommend sticking to natural green but using coloured tinsel to make festive garlands on the final layer. Once you’re done, pop a DIY Sisal Twine star on top.

The best thing is, once Christmas is over, you can repurpose the trainers you used for your DIY Christmas tree for their intended use by popping them in your garden beds and growing your own plants and veggies!

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Hanging DIY Christmas ornaments

We love an air plant any time of year. But this Christmas, why not turn this fabulous soil-free indoor flora into one-off, stylish holiday décor?

Once again, Jack makes it easy and provides everything you need to get these indoor Christmas ornaments off the ground (literally!). This time, we’re using our classy gold, geometric Air Planters, some sisal or twine from our Natural Plant Tie range and a Garden Stake.

With all your items to hand, grab your stake, cut four lengths of Jute Twine or Sisal Twine, and then tie them at equal intervals along the width. You can keep your lengths all the same or mix it up.

Once you’ve done that, grab four Air Planters and tie one to the hanging end of each length. Make sure they’re secure. You don’t want them to come crashing down on Christmas day!

Finally, hang your DIY Christmas ornament in a window or on a wall and add some lush little plants to finish off your living festive display.

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Eco-friendly gift wrap paper bows

Gifts always look better tied with a bow. But forget the traditional plastic-coated or laminated ones you often find in the shops. Instead, use our Natural Plant Ties, such as jute or raffia—the type you would use in the garden!

Not only is it a chic way to elevate the look of your presents, but Jute Twine and Raffia are also biodegradable, meaning you’re doing your bit for the planet this Christmas. Make sure you also use plain brown or recyclable paper to be 100% eco-friendly.

If you opt for basic brown paper, why not make your own Christmas stamps out of cut potatoes (homegrown or shop-bought) to decorate it?

Tying up wrapped gifts with natural jute twine is easy. Just as you would with a traditional tie, wrap it around the object both length and widthways and finish it off at the top with a bow.

Christmas-themed teepee tent

If you’ve got young kids or have some littlies visiting, why not build them—or get them to help build—their own little Christmas-themed teepee tent for the backyard? All you need is a Tarp, a Pea & Bean Frame, some Traditional Cloth Plant Tie and a pack of tent pegs.

Simply set your frame out in a pyramid shape on the grass, tying the top with cloth ties to make it super secure. Then, drape your tarp over the top, fixing it into the ground with the tent pegs.

That’s the tent done. Now it’s time to add the festive fun.

You can get as creative as you like with this bit. Santa’s Grotto, complete with elves, a gingerbread house, a winter wonderland with paper snowflakes, an elf village, a Christmas market stall full of candy canes, the options are endless!

Watching the kids play in their own special Christmas hideout will add an extra sprinkle of joy and magic this holiday season.

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Airplanters DIY Christmas decor

Get into the Christmas DIY spirit with Jack

So there you have it: five Jack-approved DIY Christmas decoration ideas to get you into the holiday spirit and make this year’s silly season extra special and crafty.

Whether you’re weaving wreaths, hanging air plant ornaments or building a festive teepee tent, Christmas decoration DIY is a heap of fun.

The more kids and adults that join in, the better! You could even hold your own version of ‘Paint and Sip’ but swap the paint for some Christmas party-style crafting.

Now, all that’s left to do is head to your nearest local supplier or hardware retailer to pick up your craft supplies, aka your Jack products, put on the Christmas tunes and let the festive DIY magic begin!

Created some awesome DIY Christmas decorations with some of our products? Why not share your festive creations on socials and tag @meetdiyjack? You might get some virtual holiday cheer!