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Cone Trainers

  • Cone shaped support for climbing plants & vegetables
  • Durable wire construction
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Comes in 3 sizes & 4 colours

Product Details

Decorative and durable plant support

Jack Cone Plant Trainer provides support for climbing plants and vegetables.
It is quick and easy to set up, the spiked feet fix securely into the soil and you’re all set to grow.

Available in three sizes: 75cm, 90cm and 120cm in black and 90cm in white.


Item Product Code Height (mm) Finish Colour Country Availability

Cone Trainer

18229750Powder-CoatBlackAustralia + New Zealand

Cone Trainer – NZ only

18370900Powder-CoatWhiteNew Zealand Only

Cone Trainer – NZ only

18371900Powder-CoatBlackNew Zealand Only

Cone Trainer

182301200Powder-CoatBlackAustralia + New Zealand

Cone Trainer – NZ only

583701200Powder-CoatRedNew Zealand Only

Cone Trainer – NZ only

583711200Powder-CoatGreenNew Zealand Only