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Garden Up® Decorative Baskets

Garden Up® Seville Hanging Baskets

  • Classic & decorative
  • Woven with plastic liner
  • Hanging chain and hook included
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Just add your favourite plant
  • Available at selected Bunnings New Zealand only. Please check your local NZ store

Product Details


Classic & Decorative Hanging Basket

Garden Up Seville Hanging Basket will bring your outdoors to life! Perfect for personalising your backyard or garden with your choice of attractive floral displays and ideal for where space is at a premium.

Made from woven fabric, this hanging basket comes complete with hanging chain, hook and plastic liner.

Combining two natural-look weaves, it is available in 35cm diameter basket size.

Handy Hints:

  • Use a premium quality potting mix (Australian Standards logo with four ticks) and water regularly.
  • Depending on your plants, it’s best to maximise the amount of natural light by positioning the plants in a sunny, north facing position.
  • Always ask your gardening expert for the best plant varieties to suit your region and time of year.


Item Product Code Diameter (mm) Colour Finish Country Availability

Seville Hanging Basket w/Liner

18813350BrownWovenNew Zealand Only