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How to add a barrier and edge to your garden bed

How to add a barrier and edge to your garden bed

Shield the deck or fence behind your garden bed, then finish the front with some decorative edging. With Jack by your side, this easy outdoor project can be done inside an hour or two – but will protect and pretty up your garden for years!

Our Jack Edge Barrier, made from recycled plastic material, not only safeguards wood but also helps keep mulch and moisture in. Meanwhile, our Jack Federation Edging has a classic look to suit both traditional and contemporary gardens.

Eager to get outdoors and get going? Grab what you need, and let’s get to work!

Garden edging project - what you need

What you'll need

You only need two Jack products for this easy-peasy project, plus a few other items you’ve probably already got in your garage or shed.

Suggested Jack products

Edge Barrier View Product
15104 Federation Edging Green 400mmx10m
Federation Edging View Product

Additional tools & materials

  • Panel clips
  • Button head screws
  • Garden shovel
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Timber block
  • Cutting pliers

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Dig a trench

    First, grab your shovel and dig a trench in the soil behind your plants or flowers.

  2. Measure & cut

    Use your tape measure to work out the height – from the bottom of your trench to the top of your decking – and cut the Edge Barrier to fit. Then use your hands to push the barrier into place.

    Edge Barrier helps protect exposed timber surfaces, such as decking, from moisture.
  3. Secure & backfill

    Grab your drill and screws and use them to secure the barrier to the top of your decking. Once your barrier is secure, fill the trench back in with soil.

    Button head screws have a larger head to help better secure the barrier.
  4. Add your edging

    Measure the outside perimeter of your garden bed, roll out your Federation Edging and cut to length. Place into position.

  5. Form your corners

    Use a timber block to form square corners in your edging. Simply place it on the inside edge and use your hands to mould it into shape.

  6. Press into position

    Use your hands to press the edging into the soil. Make sure it’s even all the way around! Secure with panel clips and screws as needed.

    Awesome job! How good does your garden bed now look?

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