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Inspiration & Advice

Garden Landscaping Ideas
to Beautify your Backyard

If you’re itching to give your backyard a glow-up, you’ve clicked to the right place.

We’ve got a bunch of DIY garden landscaping ideas that will have your backyard space looking so good your neighbours will be green with envy. Don’t let having a small garden stop you!

From sleek garden edging to floral-draped garden arches, these easy-to-execute projects are sure to get your creative juices flowing. So grab your gardening gloves, and let’s get started!

Jack Oxy shield project - measure boundary

Plan that perfect garden design

Garden landscaping should always begin with a plan. Start with what your backyard (or front yard) currently looks like, and then decide on what you’re trying to achieve.

Are you going for a certain theme, such as a country garden, tropical oasis or minimalist zen space? What about the layout? Can you improve on what’s there, or would you like a change complete with new paths, garden beds and plants?

Make sure you think about things like size, soil quality, sunlight exposure, drainage patterns, slopes and existing plants when planning.

It’s a good idea to map out your design on paper. If you really want to go pro, you could try out an easy-to-use online garden design tool, such as Garden Planner.

Let’s start with the layout

To help you with your overall layout and design, here are some simple backyard landscaping ideas using our Jack products:

Retain-iT garden landscaping retaining walls and steps

Retaining walls and privacy screens

Retaining walls and privacy screens are a smart way to add structure and character to your backyard—and with a DIY kit from Jack, they’re easy to put up!

If you have a sloped back yard, retaining walls are ideal for levelling areas off to turn them into usable spaces such as patios, seating areas or play spaces. Our Jack Retain-It® Wall Post System makes the job a breeze. Simply install the stainless steel posts and then drop in beautiful timber sleepers. Job done!

If you want to create a cosy garden nook or separated BBQ or entertaining space, garden privacy screens are perfect—check out our Screen-Up range.

Another option is to use our decorative OxyShield Screens. Choose from bamboo, rainforest, spiral and more. They’re also great for zhooshing up your pool area or bare walls.

oxy-shield edging strips garden landscaping design

Garden edging

Garden edging is also a fab way to make your backyard look neater and well-maintained and can add some colour and texture.

The sleek, simple look of our interlocking Galvanised Steel Flat Edging is great if you’re going for a contemporary vibe. It can even be used to create curves. If you prefer the natural look, you can also use our Retain-IT wall system to create edging.

Our Galvanised Steel Tree Ring is another way to add some definition and style to the base of your favourite trees and plants.

jack garden landscaping garden beds Oxy-Shield spiral screens

Garden beds

Raised garden beds or flower beds can also add structure to your outdoor spaces. And, when filled with the flowers or plants of your choice, they can bring your vision to life! Again, our Retain-It® Wall Post System is a simple way to build them.

Fill them with native plants or a rose garden for a country look, tropical plants for a lush oasis and grasses and bamboo for something zen. They’re also awesome for creating your own vegetable garden or herb garden. A simple plot of four with paths in between is a classic design.

Time to elevate the look

Now that you’ve sorted out the overall design and layout, it’s time to add some additional elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

jack garden landscaping pebbles and rocks

Decorative rocks and pebbles

Let’s start with a landscaper’s natural confetti: pebbles and rocks.

When used as ground cover, rocks and pebbles can add texture, colour and visual interest to your backyard. They can also be used to fill in your pathways. As a bonus, they protect your garden beds from erosion, sunlight and weeds.

Explore our Jack range of rocks and pebbles for inspiration. From decorative glass gems to landscaping rocks and pebbles, just pick your colour and size.

Garden Arch Lifestyle garden landscaping design

Garden arches

Garden arches can add some real beauty to your backyard when covered with vines, climbing plants or pretty florals such as climbing roses or wisteria. They’re a landscaper’s favourite in classic and country-style designs.

You can use them at the start of a garden path, to frame your entertaining area or as a focal point to draw the eye.

jack garden landscaping gabion rectangle

Gabions and accessories

When you want a natural but modern industrial look, get creative with gabions.

These cages filled with rocks (or natural stone), are not only another way to build retaining walls and edging, but they can also be used to build some funky garden benches to add to your entertaining space or firepit area.

Simply construct and fill two cubes and pop a wooden bench on the top, or create individual seats. Choose our classic steel gabions or opt to give your garden an edge with our Garden Gabion Black. The colour really pops against green plants!

Backyard landscaping ideas and inspo

Now you’ve got some ideas on what you can do and the products you need to landscape and beautify your backyard, here are some images for inspiration. Whatever size outdoor space you’re working with, we’ve got you covered!

Garden design ideas for large backyards

jack garden landscaping large backyards
jack garden landscaping large gardens
jack garden design privacy screens

Garden design ideas for small backyards

jack garden landscaping privacy screens
jack garden landscaping Terrace pots
jack garden landscaping retaining walls fencing

Garden design ideas for entertaining spaces

jack garden landscaping Gabions fire pit
jack garden landscaping entertaining area wood
jack garden landscaping entertaining area Oxy-Shield edging
jack garden landscaping entertaining comfort

Garden design ideas for front yards

jack garden Landscaping front garden pebble mix Oxy Shield podiums
jack garden landscaping front garden flowers

Build and grow that beautiful yard

Ready to channel your inner garden designer and start building and growing your dream backyard?

Head to your nearest Jack supplier or hardware retailer to pick up your garden landscaping products.

Created a beautiful back or front yard using our tips? Why not share your photos on socials and tag @meetdiyjack? We love seeing how you love your outdoors!