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Oxy-Shield Screens

Oxy-Shield® Spiral Screen

  • Architectural feature
  • Laser-cut design
  • Unique rust-look
  • Screen block out 8%

Product Details


Bring new life and a touch of Zen to your outdoors.

Jack Spiral Oxy-Shield Garden Screen lets you personalise your back yard with a wall mount or freestanding feature screen, and adds a modern style to your outdoors.

Each panel features a laser cut, architecturally-inspired design.

Provides 8% screen block out

About Oxy-Shield

Oxy-Shield is a specially formulated landscaping steel designed to impart a decorative rust-look without the inherent degradation of regular steel. The surface oxidises to form a protective coating resistant to corrosion and flaking – a durable long-lasting steel.

Rustic tones will further develop and enhance over time; to accelerate the effect, spray regularly with a fine mist of water. With a rich, earthy patina – a favourite amongst landscapers, the decorative finish blends effortlessly into any backyard or courtyard setting and with traditional and modern gardens.


Handy Hints:

  • Position carefully.
  • Screen should not come into contact with aluminium or zinc products. Rust run-off can stain surrounding areas.
  • Beware of sharp edges.
  • Always wear gloves to avoid cuts and abrasions.


Item Product Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Finish Country Availability

Oxy-Shield Spiral Screen

184521800900Oxy-ShieldAustralia Only