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Oxy-Shield Screens

Make a real statement in your outdoor spaces with our earthy Oxy-Shield screens! An architect fav, these large laser-cut panels will make your aesthetic pop with their abstract and nature-inspired designs. Pick stylish spirals or opt for bamboo or rainforest to ramp up the tropical vibe. Add to a wall, by the pool or install freestanding as a privacy screen.

Made from a special landscaping steel

Our Oxy-Shield Screens are made from special landscaping or weathering steel that embraces steel’s natural tendency to rust. As the surface oxidises, it forms a protective earthy patina coating resistant to corrosion and flaking, making it strong and long-lasting. And the rustic tones only get better over time! To accelerate the effect, simply spritz regularly with a fine mist of water.

A choice of stylish laser-cut screen designs

Our Oxy-Shield Screens come in a choice of five designs. Pick the Oxy-Shield Galaxy screen with its assortment of different-sized bubbles that look like stars and planets in the sky. Opt for something tropical with our Zen Oxy-Shield Bamboo Screen or lush Oxy-Shield Rainforest Screen. Choose a more traditional garden look with the Oxy-Shield Leaf Screen. Or select the abstract Oxy-Shield Spiral Screen. Is it shells, water ripples or unrolling ferns, you decide!

Practical uses of Oxy-Shield Screens

Not only do our Oxy-Shield Screens add some earthy edge to outdoor spaces, but they’re also super practical and easy to install.  Use them as partial privacy screens to block nosey neighbours. Install them freestanding to divide your outdoor spaces into zones. Or simply create a fence that’s a lot more fun! You can also use them to add garden shade or to cast shadowy patterns across your pool or patios.

Installing Oxy-Shield Screens

Our Oxy-Shield Screens can be installed in a couple of different ways. Attach them to boring bare walls by simply screwing them on. Or set them up in freestanding mode by bolting or screwing Screen Up posts into the ground then simply slide in your screens and pop post caps on top.

Maintaining Oxy-Shield Screens

While they’re super durable and non-corrosive, and the rustiness only gets better over time, our Oxy-Shield screens still benefit from a little love to keep them looking their best. Make sure you clean them regularly to remove any dirt, dust and debris. Leaves or mulch left on the screen can trap moisture and may damage it over time. A soft brush or cloth works wonders. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the protective patina.