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How to pick the perfect garden stake

How to pick the perfect garden stake

There’s a lot at stake (!) when it comes to ensuring your plant babies are thriving and standing proud. Without the right support, you’ll see your green-fingered efforts flop as a result of strong wind, rain or too much weight up top.

From vegies such as tomatoes and peas to tall flowers, climbing plants and young or newly rooted trees or transplanted shrubs, there are plenty of varieties and occasions when our garden goods need something to lean on.

Not sure where to start when it comes to stakes? We’re here to guide you through the different types and what you need to think about.

Pick the perfect garden stake

What you'll need

Pick your pole!

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Additional materials needed for this project:

  • Safety gloves
  • Rubber mallet

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Pick the right stake

    Choose the right stake for the right plant and purpose:

    Decorative plant stakes


    Traditional plant stakes

    These all provide strong support for growing plants and trees:

  2. Size does matter!

    Pick the perfect length stake for your project. Go too short, and you won’t get the right support. Go too big, and it will overcrowd your plant. Also, consider the width. Flowers, scrubs and saplings need different levels of support.

    A stake should go 30-40cm deep into the ground and be approx. one-third to one-half the height of the mature plant.

  3. Think sustainably

    Consider your impact on the planet. There are plenty of sustainable, long-lasting stake options to choose from:

    • Fibreglass stakes are resistant to rot and corrosion
    • Traditional cloth ties are strong but gentle on your plants
    • Green garden stakes are PVC coated to protect the steel tube
    • Spiral stakes are galvanised for longer life
    • Bamboo stakes are biodegradable and recyclable
    Use different coloured stakes to identify different plants in your garden.
  4. Choose your colour

    Pick a stake colour that aligns with your garden aesthetic:

    • Black is classic and looks pretty invisible
    • Green blends into most leafy gardens
    • Natural bamboo is great for contemporary or country vibes
  5. Tie it all together

    Once you’ve slipped on your safety goggles and hammered in those stakes, the final step is to tie your plant babies on! Tying supports your plants as they grow, prevents damage and can help you keep your plants looking neat and tidy.

    Here are some ties to try:


    And that’s plant stakes sorted!

Need more plant-growing help?

 Don’t worry; Jack’s got your back! Check out our videos, downloads and other helpful resources below. We’re here to make your outdoor projects easy.