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Solar Garden Owl

  • Deters birds and rodent day and night
  • Motion activated hooting sound & glowing green eyes
  • Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use
  • Powered by the sun
  • Realistic design with 270° rotating head

Product Details

Motion activated hooting sound and dusk activated glowing eyes

The Jack Pest Deterrent Solar Garden Owl provides a realistic deterrent against birds and rodents in your garden, balcony, veranda and most places around your home.

Featuring motion-activated hooting sound and glowing eyes, the head also rotates 270o for scare away pests. Durable and weatherproof, it is lightweight, easy to move and quick and easy to set up.

Protect your garden, fruit trees and flowers from birds and many other garden pests.

Many pests or animals are scared of this natural predator by instinct. They can be positioned in trees or on a roof for the best effect.
With a solid and durable construction, the owl is weather resistant and also lightweight and easy to move.

Before Use
Remove packaging and the protection film from the solar panel.

    • Place owl in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to charge, or plug charging cable into the socket located behind the head to charge.
    • The 3-way switch is located on the base of the unit.
      • Switch to ON for glowing eyes
      • OFF and ON again for glowing eyes and hooting combination.


  • Position the owl where it will receive direct sunlight during the day.
  • When positioning the owl, ensure the light sensor is not covered.
  • It is recommended to move the owl every 4-6 weeks to avoid pest complacency.


  • Ensure the solar panel is clean.
  • Plug in charging cable to charge on first charge, or if insufficiently charged due to low lighting conditions.


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Solar Garden Owl