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Gutter Mesh Rolls

EmberMesh Stainless Steel Guard

  • Ember attack protection
  • Covers openings & gutters
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Complies with Standard AS3959-2009/2011

Product Details


EmberMesh Stainless Steel Guard covers openings and gutters to prevent the entry of burning embers.
It is corrosion resistant 316 Grade Stainless Steel wire with powder coated finish. Complies with Standard AS3959 – 2009/2011.

Protect Ember Entry Points

The updated standard AS3959 requires any gaps greater than 3mm to be sealed by a mesh with a maximum aperture of 2mm, to reduce the chances of embers settling. Examples are:

  • Gaps between and under corrugated roofing
  • Vents and weep holes
  • Screens for windows and doors
  • Eaves and ventilation openings
  • Openings in sub floor supports, such as verandas, decks, steps, ramps and landings

Ember Mesh Stainless Steel Guard can also be used for gutters, to stop the build up of leaves and debris. Ensure all gaps between gutter and roofing are covered.

About Ember Attack

Burning twigs, leaves and debris create embers which can be easily carried by wind. An ember attack occurs when these embers are carried onto a home or other structure. Embers vary in size and can be small enough to enter a building through a roof space, windows, doors, vents, eaves and decks, to name a few.

About Ember Guards in Bushfire Prone Areas

An ember guard is a cover over an opening or cavity to prevent the entry of burning embers. AS3959-2009 describes the requirements for ember guards based on six Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs).

An effective ember guard must be

  • Non-combustible
  • Of a maximum aperture of 2mm
  • Made of corrosion-resistant material

About Standard AS3959 in Bushfire Prone Areas

AS3959-2009 and the amendment AS3959-2009/Amdt2011, prescribe particular construction details for buildings to reduce the risk of ignition from a bushfire.
The Standard is applied to those sites where Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) meets one of six pre-determined levels.
AS3959-2009 describes the requirements for ember guards based on six Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs).

Always refer to your local council regulations.

Handy Hints

  • For gutter protection in bushfire areas, we recommend the installation of Fire Guard Gutter Guard
  • Unprotected stainless steel cut ends can result in corrosion when in contact with zinc and zinc-aluminium sheeting and guttering


Item Product Code Length (m) Width (mm) Finish Colour Country Availability

Ember Mesh Stainless Steel Guard

200004190Powder-CoatBlackAustralia Only