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Inspiration & Advice

Which Tie is the Right Tie
for your Plant?

Plant ties are designed to support plants as they grow.

Matching your plant type to the one of the many plant tie types available and tying it off is easy when you know how.

Tools & Materials

Garden stakes
Garden Stakes View Product
18235 Scroll-Top Plant Trainer 95x20cm
Scroll Top Plant Trainers View Product
Trio Screen Plant Trainers View Product
18715 Twistable Soft Ties Green 5mmx 5m
Twistable Soft Ties View Product
18748 Paper Twist Tie Roll
Paper Twist Ties View Product
18713 Adjusta Ties 120mm 50pk Green
Adjusta Plant Ties View Product

Additional materials needed for this project:

  • Your plant

Your step by step guide

  1. Identify your plant’s tie type

    • Delicates like tomato stems and most edibles will need softer ties so as not to bruise, damage or break them
    • Shrubs and hardier stems like roses will require firmer ties to support and guide the plant on the stake or trellis
    • For most small trees use an adjustable tie because they grow fast and can be easily adjusted as the branches grow and expand
    • A cloth or fabric tie is suitable for most plants
  2. Selecting the right plant tie

    Once you’ve determined the type of tie your plant needs, choose one from the range of matching Jack plant ties. This table may help:

  3. Tying your plants

    Start at the base of the plant and add ties moving up so the stem is straight. The tie should be against the stake or trainer, not the plant. Check on the plant regularly to ensure the ties haven’t moved and re-tie as the plant grows.

    If your plant tie is a continuous length, cut a piece – longer is better as it is easier to work with and you can trim it to size when you’re done.

    Soft fabric ties can be tied in a bow for easy re-tying. Firmer ties can usually be twisted to hold their shape.

    For cut length ties like Chain ties and Hook ’n’ Loop, simply connect onto themselves, as do Easi-clips and Easi-ties.

    Handy Tip: Many people prefer natural ties in their garden because as the tie wears, it falls off and natural waste is biodegradable. Jack Enviro Tie is a natural tie made from Australian cotton.

    Use a figure 8 tie for more lateral support when tying to stakes