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Protect your campsite with Tarp

Protect your campsite with Tarp

Whether you're a camping pro, or giving it a go for the first time, Jack has your camp site covered.

It’s camping season in Australia, whether you’re camping in your backyard, by the coast or in Australia’s vast bushland, the key to a successful camping experience comes down to a prepared and protected campsite.

If you know an Australian summer, you know we’re bound to get serious heat, rain (and sometimes even storms) and wind.  Either way, camping is always filled with making amazing memories despite the crazy weather.  The most versatile must-have on your camping trip is Tarp.

Looking to protect your campsite? Jack’s got you covered!


What you'll need

Tools & Materials

75634 Heavy Duty Tarp
Heavy Duty Tarpaulins View Product
75601 Medium Duty Tarp
Medium Duty Tarpaulins View Product
75639 25m Tarp Roll
Tarp Roll – 25m View Product
75640 70gsm 50m Tarp Roll
Tarp Roll 50m View Product

Additional materials needed for this project:

  • Rope
  • Mallet
  • Tent Pegs
  • Cable Ties

  1. Cover the ground

    Protect your tent with ground cover for a good nights sleep. Tuck tarp under tent so water doesn't pool underneath
  2. Protect from the rain

    Make your A-frame shelter by creating ridgeline by tying rope between 2 trees.

    Make the rope super tight!

    Hang tarp over ridgeline to create an A-frame.

    Connect ropes and peg down with tent pegs.

  3. Shield campsite from wind

    Connect tarp to one side of gazebo at entrance where wind is coming through.

    Connect with cable ties and lock down with tent pegs.

    Pack up your sense of adventure, round up the family and go and create some memories. Happy camping!