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Inspiration & Advice

How to Hang Baskets (or Anything!) with Brick Bracket Magic

Pretty hanging pots, yes, please!

Everyone loves a hanging basket! They’re a great way to add a splash of colour in a small space, beautify a bare brick wall, or add plants to fresh heights. Keen to hang some in your outdoor space but not good with a screwdriver? We’ve got you.

In fact, whatever you want to hang on those outdoor brick walls, from pots to ladders, a garden hose or even your bike, hanging stuff on a wall can save space and add some character or practicality to your backyard or balcony.

The best part is you don’t even need tools to do it! Screw-less Garden Up® Lock-in Brick Brackets are a great way to get the job done quickly and easily. Not only can you avoid picking up a power tool, but no drilling means no mess or wall damage. This is perfect for renters or high-risers, as you won’t get hit with owner or strata woes! Plus, you can move things around when you want a change.

So how do these magic brick brackets work? They’re as easy to install as one-two-three. Even the kids can help. Ready to get hanging? Let’s go!

Locks in as if by magic!

What you’ll need

You don’t need a big list of tools and materials to get started. The only essential is that your brick wall includes standard 75mm height bricks and raked joints.

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Additional tools & materials

  • Tape measure
  • Scales to weigh if needed
  • Hanging plants or whatever you want to hang!

Your step by step guide

  1. Insert and twist

    Simply insert the bracket into the hook sideways, as shown in the pic below.

    Then twist the bracket 90 degrees so that the bracket claws face the wall – and it’s ready to go! There are also directions on the back if you get stuck.


  2. Fix it on your bricks

    Lean the assembled bracket, putting the top claw (1) into the raked joint above the brick – see our handy tip below if you don’t know what a raked joint is!

    Then simply let the brick bracket rest against the wall with the back of the hook (2) sitting in the raked joint below – see pic below.

    A bracket locked on a brick

    Unsure what a raked brick joint is? Just look to see if the mortar is pressed inwards, approx. 2mm between each brick. If you can see a shadow between the joint and brick, happy days!
  3. Time to hang

    Grab your baskets, pots or whatever else you want to put on the wall and adjust the bracket as required, so it stays stable. And voila – job done! Repeat with as many brackets as you need to create your desired look or hold all your items.

    Plants hanging tough

    So your baskets don’t lean against the wall, stick to pots of no more than 200 mm diameter. Plus, check the weight limit for your brackets – the max is 30kg. In addition, avoid hanging pots too high on the wall to make watering and pruning easier.

    Expect compliments next time you have house guests!