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Inspiration & Advice

How to Build Gabion Rock Boxes
(with Hints and Tips!)

A gorgeous gabion bench

Nothing beats a gabion or two in your garden! Whether you're going for a rustic, natural look or an urban, industrial vibe, these landscaping features are both an eye-catching and practical choice. They're also super easy to build.

Did you know the word gabion comes from an Italian word meaning ‘big cage’? Makes sense, as that’s precisely what they are! Gabions are big metal cages filled with rocks, stones or other heavy or decorative materials.

You can use gabions for a tonne of different landscaping purposes. These include retaining walls, fencing, borders, benches and garden beds – the options are endless, one of the reasons we love them!

Our Jack Garden Gabion Kit lets you build strong, stylish landscaping features in no time! Pick your shape from cube and rectangle to wall. They’re made from rust and weather-resistant galvanised or powder-coated black steel wire, keeping them good for years.

Ready to get your gabion on?

What you'll need

First stop, head to your local DIY store to grab your gabions and filling. Then make sure you have a few basic tools in your outdoor toolbox.

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Additional materials needed for this project:

  • Pebbles or stones for filling – see table below to work out quantities
  • Pliers
  • Spirit level
  • PPE (gloves, safety glasses and protective footwear)

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Spiral the mesh

    Secure the base and four side pieces of gabion mesh using either the clips or spirals provided. To insert the spirals, simply place two sides of the mesh together and twist the spiral into place. Make sure it’s looping through both pieces so it’s secure.

    Ask someone to hold the pieces together while you complete this step. More hands make garden DIY light work!
  2. Add the filling

    Once you’ve put the base and sides together, fill your gabion with rocks, pebbles, bricks or whatever solid material you’ve chosen for your landscaping project.

    Handy Jack tips!

    • Run your spirit level over the gabion before filling with rocks to ensure you have an even base.
    • Put your gabion where you want it before adding your stones or pebbles. Once they’re in, it’s not going anywhere!
    • Fill with natural stones or pebbles at least 50mm in size so they don’t fall through the mesh.
    • To bulk it out, add lightweight AAC blocks, polystyrene, drain pipes or similar material where it can’t be seen. Then fill around it with your chosen stones or pebbles. This also makes it lighter to move!
  3. Secure the top

    Once full, secure the gabion top piece with the clips or spirals in the pack. Why not add a bench on top to create a sweet seat?

Need more landscaping help?

Don’t worry; Jack’s got your back! Check out our videos, downloads and other helpful resources below. We’re here to make your outdoor projects easy.