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Garden & Privacy Screen

Matrix Ocean Swell Decor Screen with Frame

  • Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic
  • Will not rot, rust or need painting
  • Do not contain harmful chemicals
  • Resistant to mould and insects
  • Covered by a 15 year structural warranty
  • 64% Block out

Product Details

Bring a calming beachside aspect to your home with the OCEAN SWELL decorative screen shown above.  The undulating wave design invokes the gentle rocking of the water. The large size of these screens makes them perfect for creating an outdoor wall or divider and offers a 64% blockout.

Matrix Decor Screens offer the perfect blend of contemporary styling, durability and low maintenance. The versatility and style of these panels allows for installation both indoors and outdoors, in formal and informal settings.

Well-suited to all climatic conditions, they will never rot, rust, swell or leach out their colour and they are not affected by continuous exposure to moist, salty air and will not stain walls or paving.

Fade resistant materials are used to ensure that they will never need painting. Painting is not recommended as conventional paints will not adhere to the surface without pre-treatment with a gas fired flame torch.


Item Product Code Size Style Colour Privacy Rating

Matrix Ocean Swell Decor Screen with Frame

333352410x1205mmOcean SwellCharcoal64%