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Garden Design

Matrix PVC Recylced Garden Edging

  • Made in Australia
  • Made from 100% recycled and recyclable PVC
  • Does not absorb moisture and will not blister, rot or peel or be eaten by insects
  • 50 year warranty

Product Details

Jack Matrix PVC Recycled Garden Edging is Australian-made from recycled PVC.

It has been produced predominantly from used vinyl flooring that has been recycled and re-purposed into a useful, resilient garden edge.

Easy to use, it can be bent into curves to suit your garden or path.

The PVC material is long-lasting, backed by 50-year warranty. It is insect and rot-resistant, and retains its shape in hot weather.

This edging carries the Resi-Loop logo indicating it is made from flooring material that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Ideal for garden beds and pathways

  • Easily bends into shapes and curves
  • Keep its shape in all climates
  • Made in Australia from recycled PVC
  • Resists buckling and twisting
  • Insect and rot-resistant


Item Product Code Size

PVC Recycled Garden Edging

3370075mm x 10m

PVC Recycled Garden Edging

33704150mm x 20m

PVC Recycled Garden Edging

33702100mm x 20m

PVC Recycled Garden Edging

33701100mm x 10m

PVC Recycled Garden Edging

33703150mm x 10m