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Grip & Grow® Freestanding Kits

  • Ribbed bar allows plants to grip and grow
  • Sturdy winged panel fully supports heavy crops
  • Hook & loop support plants as it grows
  • Spiral connectors join frames for multiple configurations (for large system)

Product Details

integrated system for growing plants and vegies

Grips as it grows

Jack Grip & Grow Freestanding System is a modular integrated system for growing climbing vegetables and plants. The ribbed bar provides additional grip to hold growing vines while the hook and loop ties support the plant as it grows.

Made from durable galvanised steel for a longer life, Grip & Grow is robust and durable enough to re-use year after year.

Easy to set up:

  • The feet simply push into the ground – Evenly push the feet at least half way into soil.
  • The sturdy winged design will support heavier produce like cucumbers and eggplant – Ensure plant is planted within the winged frame.
  • The panels can be tied together to create longer runs.

There are two sizes available in kit form:

  • The small kit measures 1160mm (h) x 305mm (w), sturdy winged design and two hook and loop ties for larger climbers.
  • The large kit measures 1900mm (h) x 510mm (w), featuring an extendable panel for extra height, extra width with the same sturdy winged design and four hook and loop ties.

For big gardens, Grip & Grow panels can be joined using spiral connectors to make longer runs.

For Large Freestanding System

  • Fold up the back extension. Use the first spiral connector as a hinge to fold up the frame extension.
    Tip: Remove the hook and loop ties, and the bottom spiral connector first.
  • Secure the extension with the spiral connector. Lock the extension in place by screwing the spiral connector over the main frame and the extension.
    Tip: Begin the spiral connector at the top of the main frame at the bend. The spiral connectors can also be used to join frames in multiple configurations.


Item Product Code Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Finish Country Availability

Grip & Grow Freestanding Kit – Large

182541900290510Hot-dip GalvanisedAustralia Only

Grip & Grow Freestanding Kit – Small

182531160290305Hot-dip GalvanisedAustralia Only