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Gate Fitting Sets

  • Gate pack kits to suit most applications
  • Hot-dip Galvanised
  • Suits round or flat posts

Product Details

Gate Hinge – heavy duty for larger gates

Jack Post Hinge Set is perfect for larger gates that are used for farm and vehicular access. It is suitable for timber posts (approximately 120mm-200mm width) and 25NB gates.

The set includes the following:

  • top through-post hinge 16mm x 280mm thread length
    • nuts x 3
    • washers x 2
    • backing plate x 1
  • bottom through-post gudgeon 16mm x 250mm thread length
    • nuts x 2
    • washers x 2

Detailed instructions are contained within the packaging.


Top strap and bottom hinge – for hanging gates

Jack Strap & Hinge Sets provide a convenient way to hang gates. These are suitable for round or flat posts and 25NB gates. For installation, ensure that you use screws that are suitable for the type of post, Strap & Hinge can also be welded on to steel posts.

The set contains:

  • bottom hinge
  • back strap attachment
  • top strap


Handy hint:


Item Product Code Finish Suits

Post Hinge Set


Strap & Hinge Set

13794GalvanisedRound posts

Strap & Hinge Set

13795GalvanisedFlat posts