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Pot Trolleys & Stands

Garden Up® Wood-Poly Trolleys

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Protect surfaces
  • Heavy duty 100kg capacity
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use

Product Details

display potted plants and protect surfaces

Wood-Poly Composite Round Pot Trolleys are a modern and stylish way to display your pots and protect surfaces from scratches and stains at the same time. With strong and sturdy design, you can reduce heavy lifting as it allows you to easily and safely reposition your potted plants indoors or outdoors. Featuring a locking wheel that secures your pots in place.

Available in two colours to suit your style: Charcoal and Merbau.


Handy Hints:

  • When placing pots, ensure that the load is evenly spread over the pot wheels.


Item Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Colour Country Availability

Wood-Poly Composite – Round

18530290290CharcoalAustralia + New Zealand

Wood-Poly Composite – Round

18531290290MerbauAustralia Only

Wood-Poly Composite – Square

18535290290CharcoalAustralia + New Zealand

Wood-Poly Composite – Square

18525400400CharcoalAustralia Only