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Garden Up® Rail Mount

Garden Up® Classic Rail Planter

  • Suitable for herbs and potted colour
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • BPA-free pots
  • Ideal for backyards and balconies
  • Includes safety clips to secure pot

Product Details


Turns any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing Green wall or edible garden.

Garden Up Classic Planter incorporates a frame, ideal for hanging over rails and fences. Includes safety clips to secure pot.

Bring new life to your balcony or garden and turn it into a living, growing Green wall or edible garden with your choice of edible crops such as strawberries, herbs and salad leaves or use as an attractive floral display.

Featuring a water-smart design with an integrated saucer, it conserves excess water and prevents over-watering. Perfect for growing vegetables as they are BPA free.

Handy Hints:

  • If placing on a balcony rail, position the planter on the inside of your balcony for safety.
  • Use a premium quality potting mix (Australian Standards logo with four ticks) and water regularly.
  • Depending on your plants, it’s best to maximise the amount of natural light by positioning the plants in a sunny, north facing position.
  • Always ask your gardening expert for the best plant varieties to suit your region and time of year.


Item Product Code Width (mm) Colour

Classic Planter

18690495Concrete Grey

Classic Planter