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Dog & Boundary Fencing

Dog Mesh

  • Made from galvanised soft wire
  • Graduated mesh
  • Strong 2.00mm wire

Product Details

Graduated mesh, heavy duty line and picket wires

Jack Medium Duty Dog Mesh is an ideal fencing mesh to keep non-aggressive dogs and similar animals within a boundary, or out of garden beds and yards.

The graduated mesh is available in 120cm or 180cm high, with smaller apertures at the base to fence puppies and smaller animals.

Note: For large or aggressive dogs we recommend the use of Heavy Duty Dog Mesh or Chain Wire Mesh.

To see how easy it is to build a simple yet sturdy dog fence, scroll down below to watch Jack’s how-to guide video.




Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Finish Line Wires Wire Diameter (mm)

Dog Mesh Medium Duty


Dog Mesh Medium Duty


Dog Mesh Medium Duty