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Inspiration & Advice

How to Use Bird Spikes (to Stop the Poop and Protect your Property!)

Even if you're a bird lover, when pigeons, mynas and other pests are pooping on your house or creating other unwanted issues, you'll probably want to send them flying! So what's the solution? Make landing off-limits by installing some bird spikes.

While they may sound a bit medieval, bird spikes are actually an animal-friendly and effective way to keep our feathered friends (or foes!) out of the gutter and off your window ledges, eaves, patios and even your solar panels.

Not only can poop be a problem visually and physically, but it also has corrosive properties that can eat away at your paint and metalwork. Plus, birds and pests can leave other nasties, such as lice and mites, behind.

If birds stay in your gutters to nest for an extended time, they can also cause water flow issues, including overflows and contamination.

To avoid these types of problems, our range of pest Deterrent Bird Spikes are cost-effective, easy to install and come in various shapes and sizes suitable for most situations.

So forget calling in a pest company or handyman to help. You can help discourage those bothersome birds yourself.

Go on, give it a go!

What you'll need

As well as selecting suitable spikes, head to your toolbox to grab a few basic items, pick a dry morning or afternoon, and then get outside to get your DIY on.

Suggested Jack products

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Additional tools & materials

  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • PPE (Safety glasses and gloves)
  • Hammer and nails, a drill and screws, or just glue – depending on how you want to fix the bird spikes to the intended surface
  • Mask (if the area is covered in poop)

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Watch those wings

    First, it’s time to do some detective work. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re outside to see where and when the birds are landing and roosting – and what type of birds they are. Watch those fences, gutters, ledges and balconies like a hawk!

    If it’s a thin narrow space they’re favouring, our tall, narrow 600mm Jack Bird Spikes may be your best bet. For larger birds, opt for our Large Animal Spikes. If you want the spikes to be less visible, pick Jack Thin Stainless Steel Spikes.

    It wasn’t me!

  2. De-poop the area

    Once you’ve identified the area you want to spike, pop on your gloves and mask and give it a good clean. Remove old nests and other rubbish by hand, then grab a hose to blast away existing poop and muck.

  3. Measure up

    Once you’ve figured out where they’re landing, grab the ladder and tape measure to work out how long and wide the surfaces are. Make sure you keep an eye on the sky!

  4. Prepare the spikes

    Clip the spike strips together using the built-in grooves and carefully cut strips to fit using a hack saw.

    It's super easy to place the spikes in different directions to provide a better deterrent.

    Clip and cut

  5. Stick, screw or nail them on

    Finally, fix the pre-set holes in the base to the intended surface using screws, nails or glue (depending on the surface).

    The clear plastic variety

    Tall and narrow

    Our Pest Deterrent Bird Spikes can also be used to keep unwanted prowling cats, rodents and possums at bay! Sorry birds, you'll have to find somewhere else to sit from now on.